Chat Rules

  • Breaking any rule can result in a ban without warning
  • You must be 18+ to chat here.
  • Listen to chat moderators - Comply first question later
  • Change Name If Requested By Moderator
  • NO beastiality, incest, rape or underage (including 'younger' & 'lil') room-names or user names.
  • No posting personal information (address, phone ect.) to the chat.
  • No spamming / Flooding (room posts or cam requests).
  • No trolling, roasting or racism.
  • No cloning or impersonating others.
  • No posting links to .exe or zip files - You will be banned.
  • No posting links to other chat sites.
  • You will be banned from even accessing the webpage if you attempt to hack or exploit the chat.
  • We have & will provide police with your IP address if you endanger or exploit children
  • Netiquette
  • No typing in all caps
  • If someone is bothering you, hit the ignore button

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