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Sexual role-play

has evolved over the century, but the main tenet remains the same:  do you have sexual fantasies that you would like to participate in with a willing partner who, may or may not be present.  The internet has made it possible to re-enact these role-plays via chat-rooms--giving those even more inhibited access to others who are equally interested in the same experience.  Cybersex was born with the internet and many of these on-line interactions include role-play. With a partner just a key stroke away online cyber sex chat rooms are amongust the most popular type of chat rooms online.

As with any interaction, what the role-play is or how elaborate/detailed the story-line becomes, is completely at the whim and whimsy of the people involved and each encounter can be drastically different. It really depends on what turns on each individual--which, as we all know--could very widely--from sexually explicit clothing to roles which could possibly include submission/dominance, maybe even bondage. Some role-players get more turned on by an audience and the "scripts" can subsequently include innocent bystanders or curious onlookers if the site of the role-play is a public place (park/car or even chat room.) 


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